Thursday, 27 February 2014


The definition of empathy is simple, It just means feeling for one another and showing them that you care and also thinking about someone who might be sad.

There are lots of way to show empathy but some ways could be hard if you're sad or angry , if someone is sad walk to them and show them kindness and help them and ask why are you sad. And also try and cheer up people that are sad so they are happy, so make sure they are safe.

It important to show empathy around the school and around others so people can feel like they belong in school. Everyone has the rights to feel happy not sad everyone is included.

If you're playing a game outside and someone sitting out lonely and sad, walk to him and ask ‘’ why are you so sad ’’ .‘’ are you alright come play with us ... if they ignore you and if they're too shy tell him ‘’ it alright come play with us ‘’ and if they say yes help him up and play with him
cause no one get left behind and sad.

Just remember to be kind and show empathy around others.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Swimming lesson

One burning hot day we traveled to mission bay to teach my nephew how to swim, it was me and my uncle and my nephew dereon. Getting change to go for a swim my nephew was excited he ran up and down in the water with enthusiasm , I just notice he was a bit nervous when we took him to the deep part. When we put dereon into the deep part we remembered to put on his small lifejacket.
First we taught dereon how to paddle and do strokes which was a bit easy

Then we taught dereon how to doggy paddle well you can’t touch the ground which took us awhile cause we had to take off his lifejacket

Dereon wanted to learn how to float so we taught him how to float but we had to take off his lifejacket but he said no. after teaching my nephew how to swim we played a little game witch was fun, then we got change and went home safe.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

My achievement in 2014

My achievement I was most proud of  last year  in the classroom was room 16
because in maths I learnt a whole range of new difficult strategies.

The thing I was most proud of last year outside of the classroom was
coming 1st place for rugby league auckland champs in dunkirk. 

In reading my learning goal is to …. Understand what I read
To achieve this goal I need to …. read carefully and ask a teacher or a friend if I don’t understand a hard word.

In writing  my goal is to make my audience excited when write
To achieve this goal I need to make an awesome climax in the middle of my writing ………………

In Maths my goal is to… Understand maths strategies quick.
The learning area I think I need to improve in most is … reading.
In my learning my goal this term is to  show ‘Caring’  ... Respect`` .
My goal for this year around the classroom is to self management.

My goal for this year around the school is to … Show leadership around others

My parents goal for me this Term is …....... Is to take charge of her stuff