Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Three lucky pigs

The Three lucky pigs

One hot sunny day Max was rolling and hopping on the dirty brown mud. Max and his two other friends were splashing mud at each other.

Suddenly a big flood of water started rushing towards the three pigs ‘’ look for something to jump on’’ Max said. The clouds started to gather up in a pile then it starts raining ‘’ I have a bad feeling’’ Max said.

They only found a wall of bricks and a white board, they all hopped on. Water splashed against the bricks and waves started getting dangerous.     

The three pigs started to struggle they were about to lose balance’’ Oh no!’’ Max said, The bricks started to shake. ‘’Hold on tight’’ max friend said water started getting bigger and bigger until the three pigs couldn’t swim. The three pigs closed there eyes and went to sleep.. when they woke up there were in a shaded place with muddy grounds and big mountain.

So they all went to a muddy puddle and started splashing mud everywhere THE END       

The sheep experience

On a beautiful clear sunny weather Kate and her friends were enjoying the day at Avenal station grazing on the fresh grass. Munch Munch Munch Kate sound like she was making annoying sound effect well she was eating.

One day, two scary freaky dogs were waiting on top of the four wheeler bike staring at the sheep. The dogs were clenching their teeth with anger, they loved chasing sheep, it was their favourite hobby.

‘’Help me!!!’’ Kate said, running as fast as she could screaming . ‘’Keep moving’’ kate said to her friends the dogs were chasing the sheep up and down the hill ‘’ I’m tired’’ Kate said. The dogs didn't stop they were still chasing us and I was exhausted we didn’t know were the dogs were chasing us?.

Gathering the sheep in a pile the sheep were nervous. ‘’ARE WE GOING TO DIE!!’’ a random sheep said ‘’ or are we going into the freeze work ‘’ all the sheep didn’t want to go into the shed. Well kate walked into the humongous shed kate was very very scared until all they had to do was get shared ‘’LUCKY ME ‘’.  
   All the sheep were lining up to go to the shearing shed . One dog was walking on top of us which was scary a lot sheep were running fast because they were scared of the dog. Some sheep were hiding underneath a ewe.

Grabbing Kate by the stomach all she heard was the razing sound, she thought she was going to die ‘’WHAT ARE YOU DOING’’ Kate struggled, she was trying to get out of it. Then the man picked her up and threw her on her back ‘’OUCH!!!’’ Kate screamed some wool came out of her skin ‘’AAAAHHH’’ I kicked the man in the face then he accidentally scratch me ‘’HE’S GOING TO KILL ME’’ half of my wool came off. When I woke up I was free, I feel a little better without the wool fleece. Now I can go back to eating fresh grass.      

Monday, 14 October 2013