Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Cross country

Cross country was confirmed on Thursday, and everyone got into their house colors. Feeling nervous I was still thinking of me finishing last while everyone looking at me. Mr Burt called us to the starting line. I felt energetic when I was standing at the start line.

Mr Burt clapped the red wooden block to start the race. I didn't hear Mr Burt clap the wooden block so I didn't start running until I saw the boys in front of me’ OH NO’’ then I took off as fast as I could to catch up to my friends.

I ran 1 long lap around Pt England without walking .On the second lap I started walking for a little while until I catch my breath then I continued. When I saw the finish line I sprinted the whole way. I felt energetic as I crossed the finished line.

When I ran over the finish I was happy the run was over ‘’ finally ‘’. After the run I went for a long drink of water. Overall I thought cross country was fun, But also challenging.