Thursday, 28 May 2015

What does Technology mean ?

What Technology Means To Me?

When I walk around my house and I wondered what technology was. So the next day I went to school I asked my teacher, what is technology, and she said. Well technology is what you use to cook your food with like a stove or the oven.

So I named some technology we used at my house like Television, lights,Remote control,Computer,Projector, Microwave, Coffee Maker, Cars, And a wheel.

In WW1 They used guns, big ships and airplanes that shoot booms out of the sky. In Gallipoli Anzacs fought for our country, If you're wondering what Anzac means it means. It means Australia New Zealand Army Corps. Back In the 70s they did not use technology. In our days now were use technology to help make our lives easier.

Technology can be lots of things like toys that can be controlled to a wheels or button so they come in all shapes and sizes. Technology has advanced rapidly through the twentieth century.    

Friday, 8 May 2015

Caeser The anzac dogs

I chose this mascot because he is special . His name is Caeser , an anzac dog . His job is to sniff if there are any explosives and to track all the wounded soldiers that have fallen . Caesers has soft feelings and he also cares for a lot of soldiers back in World War 1

Nesian Fusion

This Is called the siva afi....
We learnt how to spin the afa sticks which was difficult. Our teachers were professional they were Lee , Deacon and MaoriKava and there Teacher was Mr.Noyce, they were all from Howick collage . During our assembly Nesion fusion performed for us to represent there culture so we could understand there culture. After Miss M and her group finished there performance Mr. Noyce jumped in and span the afa with the fire. I was SURPRISED that he didn't drop it.
This is Miss M holding the oil. When she puts the oil on her face she has to take the tangaroa sculpture to the ruapotaka marae. 
 The Tangaroa Sculpture is special .

Friday, 1 May 2015

Soldiers gears

During 1915 , the major war began. This is all the supplies they used to survive during World War 1