Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Whanau Tangle pattern writing

Class 1 and Class 5 decided to make a very interesting tangle pattern. We all worked on it on the first day of school.  Miss paget went on this person blog and found this tangle pattern and asked the owner if she could use it and he said yes. Our goal is to make the same exact tangle pattern and send it back to the person who actually made this tangle pattern and post it in his blog.

Ms Paget handed everyone a piece of paper. We grabbed the piece of paper that said G because it was small and easy to get finished. Sione made a random pattern because he was rushing so he could get on to his next task. Leka made a very awesome pattern its got very cool diamonds things in the middle.

You can’t see where the tangle pattern starts and ends. It goes under and over all the patterns. Sione’s pattern is not up the WHANAU PANUBA TANGLE wall because he didn't put enough effort to his tangle piece. Leka’s TANGLE piece is up on the wall with the others cause he put a lot of effort and hard work to his piece.