Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Dragon Machine

Once upon a time there was a boy called georgie. It was a rainy thursday where george was looking outside his window the more georgie looked outside the more dragons he could see. George was unnoticed,overlooked and also the dragon, george feed the dragon bread and smelly cheese and let the dragon inside his house. So george went to the local library to find info about dragons. One paragraph about finding dragons on the left corner ‘’ DO NOT FEED YOUR DRAGON STATS BREAD AND DO NOT LET YOUR DRAGONS INSIDE YOUR HOUSE’’ but it was too late george already done the thing that it said in the book. The dragon followed george to places and making trouble and george had to apologize for nothing to the people that the dragon messed up.

George woke up and just notice it was his birthday then. So he went to the kitchen and had his cake and he also got a present which was a one notice it wasn’t a dog.....

Monday, 17 June 2013

humbler plumber discovering an shipwreck

 One day me and the humble plumber went on a journey to discover the shipwreck well we were scuba diving. Getting change to our dry suit to go scuba diving we went
very deep, then the humbler plumber discovered an old rusty shipwreck by getting his foot stuck. Looking for my friend I just remember that his cloths glow. So it will  be easy for me to find the humbler plumber, finally I found him then we went inside the shipwreck which was scary. walking in the deck there was an skeleton with a king crown my friend went to take the crown but then he grabbed his hand and held on.

Trying to take his and off it was too hard I couldn't take it off. It was like his hand was super glued on so I found an hamer and smacked it on his hand but it was slow cause we were in water.So I keep on doing’’ I have an Idea’’ so I took his chair then I stood on his head after that he finelly let go but the shipwreck broke in half and we
swim back up the shipwreck didn't just brake in half it also blow up and I went fly in the air

Swimming to the sand we lied down and had a rest but the humbler plumber saw a shadow of a skeleton he said’’ maybe the skeleton warned us ‘’ we looked at our boat’’ OH NO’’ said the humbler plumber our boat has blown up just like the shipwreck, ’’were stranded for life on this yuk island’’ be quiet I said. Next writing

Monday, 10 June 2013

grills in Antarctica

One brave man called grills surviving in Antarctica it was very difficult for him he had no food and no equipment but he did have tent and his fishing rod. it was so foggy he couldn't see his way to the water. he started to make his tent from his bag with no blanket. The next day still there were no sign of the sun it was still foggy. The good news was he finally found his way to the water so he could go fishing because he was starving. He saw a killer whale going to eat 4 penguin by chasing them. But the killer whale found the hook of my fishing rod and bite and started to pull then my fishing rod snapped in half.

Walking back to my tent I was trying to fix my fishing rod. Next day I went fishing again I caught one fish then I caught a very big weird fish. then I went back to my tent and made a campfire to cook my fish. After it was cooked  was excited to finally eat. grills found a small boat,I was thinking If I can go in the middle of the ocean. So I travelled to the middle of the ocean a mammal was bumping in to my boat

‘’A killer whale’’ I said, grills didn't know what to do I tried to scaring it away it didn't work then I tried smacking it but it didn't work. Yelling ‘’HELP HELP’’ no one replied then I found a stick and started to paddle but it was too far and I was going to slow but the killer whale bit my stick off. So I grabbed my fishing rod and tied it around the killer whales head then tied it to the boat,grills jumped out of the boat and swim back ‘’lucky me’’ grills said walking back to my tent I found one of the adelie penguin sleeping in my tent.I lift it up and chucked it to the group of penguin ‘’STRIKE!!!. One day a helicopter came I was waving my hand in the air saying’’help help’’ the helicopter came down and I went in the helicopter then I made it home safely.