Monday, 25 November 2013

My Detail Sentence

At Kawau island for our activities Mr Jacobsen was our coach on the confidence course.

Mr Jacobsen was our coach supporting us well climbing up safely on the large brown wood on the confidence course.

Mr Jacobsen was our coach on the confidence course which taught us how to keep us safe.

Controlling the optimus boat sail I was nervous about sailing on camp.

I was nervous about sailing out of the beach on camp.

I was nervous about sailing on camp which was very difficult .

Brendon was our coach when We went abseiling.

We went and to a view of where we're climbing for abseiling.

We went abseiling I was scared and nervous .

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Kawau island

I am very looking forward to go camp at kawau island next week I am very exited year 6 only are going.

Monday, 11 November 2013


On Friday November the 8th it was sports day called athletics I was excited , we had it outside the whole day. There were four colours green,red,yellow,blue, but we called the colours in maori. I ‘m going to write about two events

Our first event was triple jump which was very difficult, we had to hop with your left foot then your right foot then jump with both foot. I didn’t make that far for triple jump because it was to hard. I also didn’t like it.

Shot put was next it was a pretty easy event the first person threw the shot put as far as he could but it only went 5 meters. he was in a good position the second person threw the shot put and it went very very far a lot of people were just beating to get the third place position. I was the last one, It was my turn I swung my body around and extended my arms and threw the shot put as far as I could. ‘’YEESSS’’ I was in first position  


Monday, 4 November 2013

Leka The Strange voice

On one bad day the sky was white and clouds were in a pile James just finished feeding the hens. Walking outside singing with enthusiasm getting ready to stretch James tripped over a hook’’ Oh no ‘’ James face planted on the grass. James stood up with anger he punched his door and sat on the step ‘’ that was so embarrassing lucky no one saw’’ James said.

Getting change to water hose the gardens James zipped up his suit and went outside. All a sudden James heard a whisper an strange voice saying, ‘’come here’’ It was coming from the shed. James ran to the shed all the hens were gone ‘’NO WAY’’ James jumped over the fence and went out looking for them. James sat down on the tree ‘’ my hens are gone’’ where are they?.

James persvired and stood up with fare ‘’Wow’’ something zoomed past James something black. It went to the back of the shed James ran to the back nothing was there only a lemon tree. ‘’ OH MAN’’ James heard a whisper again but this time he did not know what the whisper said.

He looked in his garage ‘’ THERE YOU ARE’’ James found the hens. But that was it, James wanted to know who’s whisper it was. He ran into the shed and there he was.... He was in the corner staring at James with a depressed face ‘’ What your name?’’  ‘’billy’’........ Billy then vanished. James ran back to the shed all of the hens were gone as well.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Leka Maui and the sun graph

The Accident

Paul was drifting and accelerating on his quad bike showing off to his brother the. Paul brothers were very jealous, Paul was riding his bike with enthusiasm and with an annoying attitude. Paul went very fast up the ramp ‘’ woo hoo’’ when Paul landed the quad bike started to wiggle.

The quad bike wheels started to shake ‘’ umm I think I should stop showing off’’ Paul said. Paul did not notice the there was a rock that was half size of wheel’’ OH NO’’ Paul spotted the rock BANG the quad bike flipped to the side and tumbled down the hill and landed on Paul knee ‘’ AHHH MY KNEE’’. the brothers went to left up the quad bike but they weren't strong enough Paul was stuck.   

‘’ Quick someone call the ambulance ‘’ the ambulance and the police came and lifted the quad bike slowly, Paul was screaming. Then they lifted up paula and put him in the van and took him to the hospital

Putting Paul in hospital was very sad the brothers were depressed. When they went and checked out his knee they found out it was broken ‘’OHH MAN’’ he couldn't move his leg ‘’ maybe I should never show off again’’ Paul said