Friday, 14 December 2012

leka prizegiving

On Thursday we had prizegiving. Last night our class were watching other people getting prizes but some people from our classroom 13 got some prizes too. They were for coming first, second, or third in academics. it was also very hot in there which makes my life difficult to move around. Finally Mr Burt said’’ now we represent year 5 item’’ then we stood up and got in our line ready to dance. I was tempted to show my dance to my mum and day and also so my brother.

At the end of our dance we had to do a pose and I crouch down and sat on my bottom I didn't want to do a pose and sadly my mum wasn't happy at all well a little bit. sitting back down all the fresh air came back into my body but still we had some to come sadly I was very tired I wanted to got to bed and sleep. Then I heard my sister name she got an award and I didn’t I was bored my friend at the back gave me some lollies and I accepted it. after praying Mr burt told us to go home and I stood up and ran around outside getting some fresh air and then we went home.  

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Perimeter Click on perimeter and it wall take you to the site. Perimeter means how far on the outside of a shape is.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

leka reflection and rotational

- Reflective and Rotational. in all four picture they are in oposite way's. and on the second one there are four photo in the four photo they are not in different way

jackson 5 ' I saw mommy kissing santa clause'

jackson 5 christmas song from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

this movie was made by Frank,Zion,Joseph,Leka

Monday, 10 December 2012


Writing on our writing books are difficult but when you get your netbook it more easier learning online makes you learn better.The best thing being a year 5 is getting our netbooks cause you get to play on it . I need to improve higher a lot next year in 2013 and also do a lot of reading. My report this year went from low to high which makes my learning awsome!!.

My goal is to do a lot better in my report next year which is going to be a lot difficult  . Learn, create, and share is the thing you should be doing online when you're working and also blog comment on other people so you can share what you like about them.


this is a straight line but in different shapes  tangram shapes

Monday, 3 December 2012

the little pink eye

Dancing with my eyes closed I heard a cat miaow then my eye opened and I started running,& jumping up and down . I ran over the couch and under the couch and hid at the back of the chair  then the cat lost me I was next to the dvd playing. There was a button next to me and so I pressed it and music came out when I looked out there was circle colours everywhere all sorts of colours like pink, yellow, and some others.

So I jumped down and started dancing hip hop but the cat found me dancing so we ran around the circle seven laps but the cat was tired it had enough. I went in front of the cat and dance but the cat got angry with me.

Then I went to the kitchen and try to hide on top of the cup but it fell down so the cat followed me but I was camouflaged as a strawberry and he couldn’t spot me. This was my chance to get away!. I ran away but I made it obvious for the cat to see me we ran up running opposite ways. The cat couldn't catch me so the owner picked the cat up and gave it a cuddle.