Friday, 23 November 2012

thanks you tamaki

Sitting in the hall waiting for the Minister of Mducation to come I was bursting with enthusiasm. Finally the Minister came..with some of the prefects. - Which I had not realized. She came to talk about how awesome our school is and how we learn. We thank our principal Mr Burt for making Manaiakalani. tamaki     

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Leka's film festival

TCTV: Film Festival 2012 - Azonto
I really liked what Tamaki College picked for their film festival video which was Azonto. They traveled around places dancing with black clothing and white mask and also dancing with random people, forcing adults to dance!!. Some news reporter were on TV asking, “Have you seen people with black cloth, white mask?”
The reason why I like watching this movie is because I liked their dance. that I

So that why you should WATCH IT !!!!!


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Film Festival

Room 13 went on a bus to Manaiakalani 2012 film festival at Hoyts. Lining up to look for a seat to watch was confusing, there were a lot people bumping me off which meant I nearly fell down and hit my head. Finally I found my seat. IT WAS HARD.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

leka scary doll story

Skipping,sliding through the snow down the street I was going to write my name on the blackboard cause when you’re 5 year old you have to write your name on the blackboard. after writing my name I heard an sequence sound then I turned around  I saw a doll that was in a store that look like a shark eating someone it had an the same cloth and the same face it was weird. I went down to the window to look at my self. I was thinking how do I get in so I went to the door tried to open it I was frustrating.  picked up an huge snow and chucked it at the door but the door open automatically. I walked in and went to the doll.

A person on a bike was trying to escape. He was donking his head on the door trying to open it. When I turned back the doll had gone. I was shocked, and was looking every . Then I found her on top on the shelf. So I climbed onto the  couch and reached for the very top but then. ZAP!!! I turned into an doll.