Tuesday, 26 August 2014


The past 2 weeks we have been going to harold learning about drugs and how drugs can affect you.

All around the world people have been taking drugs and losing their life , some drugs are illegal some are not. All medicines are drugs but not all drugs are medicines people take drugs because they're sick or in pain. Some just take drugs for no reasons . There are very common drugs around the world like marijuana , weed , pills , steroids all kind of drugs. Drugs can altered the way your brain function.

Choosing marijuana is a bad choice and it is also going to mess with your brain. Drugs can seriously damage your brain and it can also kill you.   

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


My mascot is {Rocket Kiwi}

The next Commonwealth games is going to be played in New Zealand so our job is to create our own mascot. As you can see my mascot has already been created.

The reason I designed a Kiwi is because it represents new zealand. I chose the name Rocket Kiwi because he has rockets on his shoes. He has these rockets to fly around the crowds at the Commonwealth games. He has the New Zealand map on his shirt to show that he is the New Zealand Commonwealth games mascot. He is also holding an L&P bottle. I chose an L&P bottle because it was invented in New Zealand.  I made him hold an L&P bottle so when he tired he would drink L&P. Rocket Kiwi’s job is to encourage all athletes and check on the crowds at the Commonwealth games.