Friday, 20 November 2015

College Inspirational talk

College is a hard thing to get over especially when your going there next year. Our good dear friend Andrew Paterson came to our school to talk about college. When you think about it college is 10 times harder then primary and Intermediate. One if the most important things in college is having a good habit. There are loads of things you could do to have a good habit like sleeping early , going to sleep in the right time , Brushing your teeth and most important of all studying for exams.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Writing Test 05/11/2015

“ Beep beep!!” As we arrive at Dunkirk Memorial field to have our touch tournament, we 
quickly took our gear down to the field .Struggling to Set up the gazebo my friends Taniela and Paula ran down to help me lift the edges I felt really weak. We had to get everything sorted because our first game was in 5 minutes .

Once we were done helping Miss Va’afusuaga we immediately jogged to our field. I gazed at the team we were challenging “ wow!”. The game is about to start and Our coach Tyson puts us into position. Waiting for the ref to blow the whistle suddenly I got all nervous so I bit my lip.

It was our ball and we were making a lot of meters on the winger side. “ Touch 3 “ as the ref calls, we started passing the ball around to make the other team tired. “ Touch 4 “ I quickly picked up the ball and ran straight to the winger . Right in that moment in the corner of my eye I saw TeMauri right beside me so I drawed and passed to him then he passed it to Asena then she went for a crazy dive to score the first try !.

“ I’ll mark him “ Our team was on defence. They were really fast and tall but that didn’t really matter . 2 more minutes left and we were on there five meter line It’s was really frustrating. The game had ended and the score was 3 - 0 , we finally had our first win .

I knew this tournament was gonna be a challenge so I trained hard nervously waiting for our next game. “ Your game is in 10 minutes “ Shouted Tyson. “ Dammmn!!”